At Ambit Curator, we ensure that the outcome functions well and aligns to your objectives.


We listen to YOU to learn your story.

We collaborate with YOU to scope out your vision.

We create for YOU to visualise your dream.

We curate for YOU to realise your goal.

We have an extensive portfolio to showcase our capability in the commercial, corporate, retail and hospitality sectors. 

For more information on these projects, please contact us directly.

Office with a View

Our holistic approach to corporate spaces is to strategically design environments that foster every unique culture. We believe a well sought-after workplace will connect their people.

We have created spaces for legal services, financial institutions, technology companies, motor companies, but not limited to the mentioned. We can help you scope out your needs and help you visualise your space.


Hospitality - A small retail space can be full of surprises; a large retail space can feel cozy.

We have helped our clients create enjoyable

and exciting places for their businesses.


Services - We have also created modular designs and implemented into various sites, including banks and insurers, both state-wide and nationwide. Our services spaces exude trust, professionalism, and reliability.


Every house has a story to tell.

Whether it is a new build or renovation project, we are passionate about connecting you to your dream space.

We have an extensive experience in creating spaces that works with each client’s lifestyle. We ensure the flow of each space is tailored to enhance the character of the house.

We also work with our client’s budget to ensure there are no surprises.

Back to School Objects

Education serves an important purpose.

We also believe that the most valuable gift anyone can have is education.

Whether it is educational spaces for the young age or working professionals, we plan with purpose and function in mind to support the service.

We have experiences in creating compliant spaces that foster learning.