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The transformation of an 150+ year old Victorian Terrace House.

The dark and dysfunctional 1860’s Victorian terrace has been injected a new life.

Its new open plan allows abundant natural light from outside; its refreshed palette and details complimented the olds and provided functionality to its new owner.

The transformation was seemly dramatic while its originals were respected.

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Photographed by Mel Koutchavlis



The Transformation

The kitchen used to be at the end of the house which blocked all the natural lights and view to the backyard. We relocated the kitchen to the side and installed bifold doors so the space is visually extended to the backyard, and the space is now flooded with beautiful natural light!


The Transformation

This corner space had always been under-utilised. We managed to design a full bathroom in this space while maintaining its original architecture.
The overall design is sympathetic to its context.

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